30 Mar 2018

March updates

It’s becoming a bit of a habit – it is time for another update about what went down at Mono this month.

24 Feb 2018

February updates

Just like last month, we update you on what’s going on at Mono – project-wise, content-wise and company-wise. We have a new case and 2 new open job positions.

30 Jan 2018

A New Year’s update from Mono

Some new things we’ve worked on since the end of 2017.

31 Oct 2017

Grounded in reality

Most of our projects are redesigns, where we have to ship something by next week. This forces us to stay grounded in reality.

11 Sep 2017

Generate colour themes with ease thanks to this SCSS mixin

Xavier shares his experience with automating colour themes in SCSS.

5 Sep 2017

A brand new website

Over the summer holidays, we’ve been working on what you’re looking at now: a brand new Mono website.

25 Aug 2017

Thoughts on Bootstrap 4

Pondering about the impending Bootstrap 4 release, CSS namespacing and ease of use of CSS frameworks.

22 Aug 2017

Overthinking BEM

Johan looks at ways you can complicate the CSS BEM syntax by introducing new rules, actually making it worse than the “base” BEM syntax.

6 Jun 2017

New Work: Moovly

Announcing a new case study, this time for our UI design work on HTML5 animation tool Moovly.