8 Feb 2019

Design Systems Event – A recap

We organized a community event about design systems. This post talks about the three presentations of the evening.

3 Dec 2018

Eight lessons from creating a design system

Over the past six months we have worked on a large scale design system. When we were nearing a big release, I wrote down some key lessons.

26 Nov 2018

UX design has never been just for designers

Design has been happening forever, by everyone who ever makes a product decision.

21 Nov 2018

Welcome, Eva

We welcome Eva to the Mono design team, now six persons strong.

20 Nov 2018

Our deliverable sometimes makes us obsolete (and that’s okay)

Design systems help companies to design without the need to hire designers on a continuous basis.

3 Oct 2018

Optimizing for touch – now detectable with CSS

How to detect for touch using CSS only.

25 Sep 2018

Mono talks: Emily

Curious to know what it’s like working at Mono? We sat down with Emily and asked her all about it.

26 Aug 2018

Front-end developer position

We are actively looking for a new person to join the team in a front-end role as soon as possible.

1 Aug 2018

July: Emily & Annelies join the team, Xavier coaches at Open Summer of Code

We welcome Emily & Annelies to our team, and Xavier coaches at Open Summer of Code