Design services

Projects range from a one week design sprint to a years-long collaboration and cover services like UX research, problem analysis, detailed UI design and prototyping.

UX research & analysis

Companies who make successful digital products and services, understand the people who use them. We use proven UX research and analysis tactics to feed our design work. Our research style is to the point and we believe effectiveness eats theory for breakfast.

UI design & prototyping

Whether it is a mobile app, desktop app or web app, we like to get real, fast. Detailed prototypes help us find flaws in a design early. And they help us communicate with the dev team. For web apps, we use our own prototyping tool, it allows us to design big apps with ease.

Project types

When we can help

Designing a new product or service

  • Ideation and potential product strategy
  • Rapid prototyping and testing with customers
  • Technical research and advice
  • Visual design & applying branding to user interfaces

Redesigning an existing product or service

  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of existing user experience
  • User interviews and field research
  • Definition of user experience problems
  • Redesign of existing features

Optimizing customer success

  • Improve form usability
  • Optimize user flow
  • Enhance perceived speed
Why Mono

Our strengths

We come to you

Working together in the right environment leads to the best results. We will come to you and work with the team until we get those results.

Tailor-made solutions

We write custom offers for every project, that draw on our experience shipping a ton of different products and services.

Focused on results

Our design methods are focused on getting real user interfaces in front of people to validate. We value shipping and improving over perfect the first time.


We work to stay ahead of the curve, looking at what is next in product and service design. We like to deliver a modern design that looks forward.

We value beauty

Some people think form comes after function. We feel they go hand in hand. We focus on visual style and consistency, but never at the cost of function.

Design meets development

We think of ourselves as designers, but we like to get technical too. We believe that being able to code makes you understand what you are designing.