Design Services

As a design company specialized in user interface design, we offer expertise designing digital products and services. We give advice and we execute.

How we can help

App design

You need an interface fast, and it needs to be good. A form, an app — we help you design anything digital that requires a person to interact with a computer.

App design

UX report

You need an expert evaluation of your digital offering. We got your back. Our experts will define problem areas and give tips to make things better.

UX report

Product workshop

You know what you want, but you don’t know how to get there yet. Fair enough, we will first help you define the features and scope of your product.

Product workshop

Learn UI design: Figma workshop

You have a design team, and you want them to excel. Excellent! Send them on a workshop with one of our experienced practitioners. Currently, we offer a Figma workshop.

Figma workshop

Why Mono?

We know UI

Both founders of Mono have over ten years of experience designing user interfaces and are backed by a solid team with great UI skills.

Design + code

A mockup is just a pretty picture until you can make it real. We focus on the right balance between design and front-end development to deliver design work that can actually be implemented in a realistic time frame.

The missing link

Why would you give a backend profile a visual design task? This doesn't make any sense but it happens all the time. Senior developers that are great at what they do struggle with CSS issues, gobbling up precious development time. This is exactly where we can lend the right helping hand.

Validate before building

We believe flat pictures are not enough. You need to move towards prototypes so you can evaluate the design solution. Make it as real as possible using HTML and CSS. It's only then that you will see the flaws in your work and you can iterate - before spending a ton of money on the actual development.


Do you do development?

We consider ourselves designers, not developers, but we do often use front-end code to express our ideas.

Why an external design team?

We believe that our shared skillset as a group is much bigger than a single designer. Hiring us instead of hiring a single designer means no overhead, solid results at a competitive price.

Where are you located?

We are located in Ghent and Antwerp. We work remotely and from our co-working space in Ghent, Belgium. Our colleague Marina works from sunny Barcelona.

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