Mono has closed its doors. Read more in our blogpost.

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Design Services

Together, we can work on improving the experience of your digital product so you can ship less, but better. Not showy. But honest, beautiful and simple.

What we work on

  • UI design & prototypes

    Highly detailed mockups • Custom icons • App icons • Illustrations • Design systems • Design patterns and documentation

  • User research

    Usability testing • User interviews • UX reporting • Accessibility testing

  • HTML & CSS

    Standards-based HTML • CSS architecture • Responsive templates • Code with wide browser support • Integration with modern JS frameworks (Vue, Svelte, Ember and others)

  • Strategy & Product vision

    Software strategy • Product management • SaaS expertise

Project types

  • Boost

    6 days

    Get fast design results to help improve an existing app.

  • Design Pilot

    4 weeks

    Get to know how we work in a project focussed on a clear design deliverable.

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  • Scoping Workshop

    1 day

    Help to align software teams on a future vision with our perspective from a UI/UX standpoint.

  • Long-term

    We can serve as an in-house design team, or help an existing design team to execute faster.

  • Consulting

    We can give you advice with a quick turnaround, based on our expert UX/UI knowledge.

Why Mono?

  • Remote-first

    We are used to working remotely, and can adapt to a remote-first strategy.

  • Code and design

    To achieve the best user interfaces, you can’t just make a great concept - we believe you have to dive into the code as well.

  • Knowledgeable

    We know the common UI patterns and pitfalls, for both native and web software. We know software design - we have been doing this for a while.

  • Principled

    What we value is design that is human, enabling, contextual, simple and beautifully crafted.

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Remote Figma workshop

We love Figma at Mono, and we also love to teach design teams how to get the most out of this fantastic app. You can book us for a remote Figma workshop.

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Don't just take our word for it

Mono has been a unique asset in the design process, not just because they came up with some great screens, but mostly because they kept challenging our vision. Sticking to our vision and adapting it where it became obvious that we were wrong, enabled SweepBright to come up with a brilliant interface that simplifies what was previously a very chaotic process.

Raphael Bochner
Raphael Bochner CEO, SweepBright

Mono was quickly able to understand the multiple requirements coming from the different parties using our platform. The interactions with their team has enabled the development of a new interface which is more intuitive and which will be the foundation we will use for the years to come.

Charles-Eric Winandy
Charles-Eric Winandy Director and Co-founder, moveUP

Mono has been instrumental in helping us design delightful applications with a strong focus on impeccable user experience.

Alex Lisitzky
Alex Lisitzky Head of Product, SupplyStack

Why I loved working with Mono? They are super pro's. Communication is very clear and direct. No ego's, no long discussions to see who's right or wrong about this or that idea. Down to earth. Focussed on creation. Only one thing counts: to deliver the best UI for your own customers so the product becomes more successfull than before! That is what Mono does.

Charles Convent
Charles Convent CEO, Odyssee

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