We are a digital design team from Belgium that designs products and services for people.

A woman looking at a tablet and a man looking at a phone
Software Redesign

Helping a mobile-first startup reach the next design level

The team at geme.io approached us to improve their mobile application design. Over the course of a few weeks we reworked the design completely and helped their developers implement the UI.

Software Redesign

Delivering a responsive chat experience to a live TV audience

Getting a TV audience to chat about a documentary? Form a community? On your own platform? It is possible. We worked together with Metachat to successfully launch the Metachat Pano Community.

SweepBright UI
New App Design

Helping a property tech startup go from idea to € 1,5M in funding

We help SweepBright to identify practical problems real estate agents have. We then design and test a solution that supports real life scenarios. The result is a highly valued product designed to scale from Buenos Aires to Brussels, from small business to enterprise.