👉 Figma workshop: 30 Jan 2020 (Antwerp)

Less, but better apps

Mono is a tech design team from Belgium that offers expertise designing digital products and services. We advise and we execute.

Software Redesign

Designing delightful enterprise software for the supply chain industry

SupplyStack develops software for the transport and supply chain industry. Since 2017 we have been helping SupplyStack to design cutting edge software.

Software Redesign

Delivering a responsive chat experience to a live TV audience

Getting a TV audience to chat about a documentary? Form a community? On your own platform? It is possible. We worked together with Metachat to successfully launch the Metachat Pano Community.

New App Design

Helping a proptech startup go from idea to € 4,3M in funding

We help SweepBright to identify practical problems real estate agents have. We then design and test a solution that supports real life scenarios. The result is a highly valued product designed to scale from Buenos Aires to Brussels, from small business to enterprise.

Our customers

We’ve worked with clients both small and big