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Marina Rizo

Marina Rizo is originally from Barcelona. She left her sunny city behind to look for some rainy adventures in Belgium. Her skills combine ​design and audiovisual, all mixed up with a deep passion for ​interactivity and user experience. When not ​reading comic books or thinking about dogs, she can be found watching (too many) TV series.

Johan Ronsse

Simon Wuyts is an interface designer with over 5 years of experience. After graduating in Communication Sciences he decided to combine his analytical mindset with his passion for beautiful things. While freelancing for various companies, he also worked at a software startup for two years. When he's not designing, you can probably find him behind his piano.

Hannes D’Hulster

Hannes D’Hulster has his eyes and brain on the bigger (service) picture. He mostly covers the ‘make the right thing’ of the design spectrum, this means user research and validation are his favourite part of the show. He’s a father of two and a fulltime Nerd.

Xavier Bertels

Xavier Bertels put aside his music career to focus on helping companies improve the user experience of their products. With over eight years of experience in the field he stands his ground when your CEO has to be convinced of the value of design. He lives and works in the Digital Haven of Belgium: the beautiful city of Ghent.

Johan Ronsse

Johan Ronsse is a self-taught user interface designer with over eight years of experience. He is obsessed with finding the balance between aesthetics and usability. He occassionally likes to go for a 5km run — if he has no movies left to watch.

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