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Mono will close its doors

We’ve decided to close the company. We feel we’ve had a good run, and it is time for something new.

Over the past seven years, we built a place where designers could grow together. We wanted to set a higher bar for digital product design. From a workplace perspective, we believe we built a great place to work. Allowing people to work from wherever they want, with the flexibility to work at their own pace, at a time when most people did not believe that was possible.

We started the company with one of Dieter Rams’s famous values at the back of our minds: “Less, but better”. We distilled our own guiding values for good design; that it should be simple, human, enabling, contextual and beautifully crafted. Those are perhaps more relevant than ever today.

We worked hard to instill these values in the company and apply them to our designs. When relevant, we open sourced our work. We delivered high quality work for our customers. We looked at things from a broader community perspective, and we feel we’ve improved the level within our field of work in Belgium.

As a team we delivered many projects over the years. We are proud of the digital product design work we did for our customers. Most notably SweepBright, SupplyStack, the Flemish Government, Corilus Healthcare, Sirona Dentsply, Ghent University, moveUP, TrustBuilder, Odyssee, Ticketmatic, Moovly and many others.

It’s safe to say that we are most proud of the team we’ve built, and the work we did together. We met some fantastic people along the way.

This is a big change for everyone. For us as founders it feels heavy, but also like the right next step.

We want to find a good place for the team to land on their feet and we are actively looking at interesting positions out there as well as reaching out to our network.

We’re going to have a nice dinner and say goodbye, and then we’re off to start some new adventures.

If you’re thinking about a design project, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can talk about working on clearly scoped projects in the short term. For longer design projects we can also potentially provide a solution. E-mail .

—Johan and Xavier

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