11 Mar 2019

On the dismissal of design tools

Some designers claim wireframes are not a useful tool anymore. We argue that it’s a tool in your tool belt that you should use when appropriate.

26 Nov 2018

UX design has never been just for designers

Design has been happening forever, by everyone who ever makes a product decision.

11 Sep 2017

Generate colour themes with ease thanks to this SCSS mixin

Xavier shares his experience with automating colour themes in SCSS.

23 May 2017

How We Use Bedrock to Build Interface Prototypes at Scale

Johan explains how we use Bedrock, a tool to create HTML prototypes.

17 May 2017

Animation in UI design

We look at some recent animations that we made to make our user interfaces more delightful.

3 May 2017

Mapping the User Experience

In order to understand the problem at hand, we have to map the user experience.

23 Apr 2016

What Is a Good UI Designer?

We got a great question via e-mail and reprinted the answer on our blog.

1 Mar 2016

Branding Apps & Software: Brand Loudness

Xavier explains how you can tackle branding in UI design.

11 Jan 2016

What Is the Most Valuable Project You Have Worked On?

Design can improve what is already there. But only things of value will truly benefit from good design.