New App Design — 2017

Kickstarting a small startup with design on a budget

Smartbeam is an online platform that helps with the tendering process in the construction business. It’s a tool for general contractors, subcontractors and architects to manage their procurement process in a smart manner.

Smartbeam approached us at the end 2017. They had parts of their platform designed but were struggling to get a good user experience.

In a lean manner, we designed key parts of the platform to provide a base for further development.

Smartbeam is a pre-funding startup, so during the process we kept things lean and cost-efficient. We minimized the number of hours worked on the project for maximum result.

In practice this meant co-design with the Smartbeam team in Figma, using a framework like Bootstrap from the technical side, and relying on pre-made templates for HTML e-mails. This kept the project’s budget under control while delivering a lot of value for money.

Mono understood the pain of our users very well and managed to turn very complicated workflows into a very simple and user friendly application. They were very creative and helped us to build solid foundations for our web application.
Caroline Baseqz, Founder, Smartbeam

Curious to learn more about this tool? Visit Smartbeam's website.