Software Redesign — 2018

Delivering a responsive chat experience to a live TV audience

Getting a TV audience to chat about a documentary? Form a community? On your own platform? It is possible. We worked together with Metachat to successfully launch the Metachat Pano Community.


Metachat is a Belgian startup. They create a chat application that makes it easy to set up a community around a specific topic.

A test case was created for a community around Pano, a documentary series on Belgian TV channel Eén. Pano is known for documentaries that spark a lot of national debate.

Metachat had already built a proof of concept, so we started our work on detailed mockups based on a feature document and a good briefing.

When the designs started to take shape, we dynamically shifted to working on an HTML and CSS prototype. Both instances of the design — the one in code and the one in a visual design application — influenced each other to get to a real end result.

It was a short and powerful process that was only possible thanks to great teamwork. The challenge was, as it most often is, to find a balance between the best solution and what realistic in the short term.

From a user interface standpoint, a chat application looks simple. There is a box for chatting, and messages, and it seemingly stops there.

In reality the chat window has more than 12 different UI states. The messages could be loading, there could be an error, a message can be “pinned” etc. Next to this the application works across devices, from mobile to tablet to desktop, which sometimes requires different interaction patterns.

Thanks to our prototyping tool Bedrock it is easy to document those differences.

The prototype helped Metachat’s React developers to implement our designs and front-end templates into the real application in a short amount of time.

For us, as Mono, this kind of intense collaboration is the best way to launch a succesful digital product. The kind of work that is needed to get to a great end result goes way beyond just sending mockups.

We are proud of what we achieved in a short amount of time and we hope to continue to work on improving the application in the future.

Are you curious to learn more about Metachat?

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