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What Is the Most Valuable Project You Have Worked On?

Do you ever think about the products you make? We talk about MVP a lot, but what was the Most Valuable Project you have ever worked on?

Last December, we finished a two-year UI design project for medical desktop software (fancy, eh). We tested the software in medical education programs and medical practice, with good results. It will help to reduce medical mistakes for certain treatments.

I feel it is one of the most valuable things I have worked on as a designer. The problem we solved was a difficult problem. A problem that could only be solved by working together with experts in medical science. At times, I was afraid we were not ready to take on a problem like this. Working with smart people is challenging and can make you doubt yourself. Do we have enough knowledge of the medical field? Are we ready to work with a technology we have not used before? Technology which did not even exist before? Are our UI design skills up for this?

It was quite a journey, but we succeeded. We managed to turn the software into a beautiful product. One that people love to use and implement even in its early bèta stage because it is so valuable. That makes me tremendously proud.

I like work to be a bit scary at times. I like some uncharted territory to explore. That is what makes it valuable.

Xavier Bertels

About the author

Xavier Bertels is a designer and managing partner at Mono, where he helps companies deliver simple, useful & beautiful digital products. He tweets as @xavez.

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