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Job: User Interface Designer

Tesla famously had a 10 year masterplan. And it didn’t surprise me when Brett Victor tweeted that innovations that were worked on a long time ago finally surfaced, referencing Apple’s Touch Bar announcement. A good tech company has an end game, a plan beyond just making money. 

At Mono we are working on user interfaces daily, but there’s a bigger picture. We’re trying to build a world class team that designs the kind of computer experiences that will be referenced years from now.

We are looking for a user interface designer to join our team. At this moment we’re a team of three full-time UI designers aided by two freelancers.

What’s it like working at Mono?

First and foremost you have a lot of responsibility to handle your own work. We won’t look over your shoulder every minute and micro-manage you. You should be a self-managing person that grabs opportunities to do good work. At the moment most of us work from home, combined with team days at locations in Antwerp and Ghent. There are plans to get an office once we are big enough and when it makes sense.

You are free to work from anywhere you want, but realistically speaking there will be a meeting once or twice a week somewhere in a major city in Flanders.

The second thing is the projects themselves. We only work directly for clients, so no agency work where you are shielded from the client by some project manager. You get to build a personal relationship with (y)our clients, you will present your work directly to them.

What kind of work do we do?

Well, take a look at our portfolio, but think beyond that. Most of the work we get to show publicly are web applications. But we’ve done native desktop application work as well as native mobile applications.

We try to take on projects that we believe are improving the world. SweepBright is making the daily work of realtors much more efficient; for Schoolonline we are improving the software that teachers use every day to organize their work; we helped Ticketmatic to make the ticketing experience better, both for the people behind the scenes and the ticket buyers themselves.

The third keyword is team

We work in a team because we get to learn from each other, and giving each other feedback makes designs better.

A bigger team gives us a bigger seat at the table. We are actively involved in major parts of the product direction of most projects we work on. This means that design has a voice within projects and it’s not just an afterthought. This ultimately affects the quality of the work.

A bigger team allows us to invest in tools that we’d like to exist (such as our HTML prototyping tool Bedrock) or our own application experiments (like Keynote Extractor). We’d like to advance user interface design as a whole and that means that there should be room for exploration and research.

What do we expect from you? We expect that you’re good with computers, that you learn fast, and that you can show relevant work. You know your design tools and you’re not afraid of a little bit of code. If you speak Dutch that’s a plus, but it’s not a hard requirement. We’d like to diversify the team as much as possible.

We are offering a full-time position as a user interface designer, pay depending on experience.

Want to know more? Let’s talk. Send your portfolio and motivation to

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