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  • Johan Ronsse

Welcome to Mono

One year ago, I started working together with Xavier. Things are going very well and we are working on some exciting interface design projects.

It is time to make our working relationship official in the form of a new brand. From now on, we are Mono.

Mono stands for less, but better design.

It’s also a little easier to spell out over the phone.

It is time for a portfolio update too. Unfortunately, the kind of work we do is often bound by an NDA. We respect our clients’ wishes and hope to show you some work soon.

We are currently working on making online ticketing better, and on an application to help dentists do better work. To make it clear what we do, we listed the type of challenges we like to take on.

We are looking forward to raising the bar for good interface design.


Johan Ronsse

About the author

Johan Ronsse is an interface designer who is trying to find the balance between aesthetics and usability. He tweets as @wolfr_2.

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