Jan Cornelissen
28 Jan 2015


I’m Jan Cornelissen and I’m proud to announce I’m Mono’s latest addition. Mono’s goal is to improve human contact with screens, whether it’s a touch screen, a pc monitor or a public display. I can’t think of a more noble goal in the digital industry.

I don’t necessarily design for ooh’s and aah’s. Seeing people interact with screens without having to think about the technology behind it, is what keeps me going.

While doing some work together with Johan and Xavier, it became clear we shared this philosophy. Teaming up was the obvious next step. Of course we will continue to offer our best work and we are eager to see what the future brings together.

About the author: Jan Cornelissen is an interface designer who lives to give technology a human face. He works in the capital of Europe: the bustling city of Brussels. He tweets as @jn_cn.

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