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Remote Workshop

Collaborative design with Figma

Remote Figma workshop

We’ve switched over our Figma workshop to an all-new, remote format

  • Get together in a Zoom call with your colleagues, to learn techniques to work together with Figma efficiently.

  • Find out what is unique about Figma as opposed to other design applications, and how to leverage Figma's features to collaborate in a better way.

  • We customize the workshop to the audience. Are you a designer, a project manager, a developer? There's something here for you.

  • Learn how to work efficiently with the more difficult parts of Figma - constraints, auto layout, components, and libraries.


The remote workshop is priced at €1500 ex. VAT. This price includes an intake process to customize the workshop to your needs. The workshop is a 4 to 6-hour workshop, spread over multiple day parts.

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Using an intake process we will find out how experienced your team is with Figma and other design tools. We'll plan the workshop at a moment that suits you and your company. Interested?

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Instructor Johan Ronsse

Meet your instructor

Johan is a user interface designer with over twelve years of experience. He has been working with Figma ever since it has been in beta. He loves exploring new tools and mastering them.