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Pilot project

Kickstart a better app UI in 3 to 6 weeks

Using our unique methodology of design and HTML prototyping, we can improve your application’s user interface in a short project that delivers tangible results.

Design system driven development

We document every component in a design system. This brings clarity to what to use for every design situation, and consistency to what things should look like.

Repeatable design patterns

By focussing on repeatable design patterns, you can improve the UX of your app across the board.

The missing half

We are knowledgeable about front-end aspects that are not most developers’s strong suit: scalable CSS, semantic HTML and app accessibility come to mind.

Direct framework components

We can deliver components directly in modern JS frameworks. No need for a translation step from base HTML/CSS to the framework.

We helped these companies with a pilot

  • Transforming an Excel-based workflow into a web app design, then delivering an Angular based prototype.

    Project length: 4 weeks

    Desktop screen
  • Web application designs, from “designed by development” to a professional design base to build on. Delivered HTML/CSS prototype.

    Project length: 5 weeks

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    Desktop screen

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