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On internships

Dear prospective intern,

The type of work that we do is rather complicated. It involves a combination of UX research, user interface design and front-end development. When you are a new designer, there is a lot to learn, and we are a small company.

We regularly get e-mails asking us to do an internship at Mono. Unfortunately, as a small company, we are unable to support the regular internship logic.

This page is meant to give a bit more explanation why we don’t take on short-term internships.

The logic of an internship is that someone comes to a professional workplace for a period of time (usually a few months) to learn something, and then leaves, usually to complete their degree and to enter the professional world afterwards.

We understand that when you follow a UX/HCI/Design/Development related course you are required to find an internship, so it is only natural to look for companies that you like and e-mail them. We like to think that you e-mailed us because you thought our company was more interesting than others, so thank you for that.

Anyone who works for Mono, depending on their level of seniority, gets regular attention from a design manager to coach them, help them with their work and give feedback. Since we are a small company with just two design managers we can only support a certain amount of people working in the company. Within a healthy 39-hour workweek, we only have so much time and attention.

While we believe an internship might lead to a cool start of a professional relationship, there is no guarantee for us that whatever we teach you will stay in the company, exactly because of how internships work.

Wat we like is apprenticeships: starting to work somewhere, learning on the job and then actually staying for a full-time position. As a small company we are able to support 1 apprenticeship at a time. We are currently in the process of an apprenticeship which will end around Summer 2019, after which the apprenticeship will turn into a full-time position.

After this period, there might be room for a new apprenticeship.

If this will be the case, we will announce it on our blog and put an entry on the jobs page. If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything you can follow us on Twitter.

-Johan and Xavier