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UX/UI designer

  • Full-time
  • Ghent
  • Antwerp
  • Brussels
  • Semi-remote

About you

You are a quick study, self-starter and excellent communicator with a passion for great design and the ability to achieve it. You love to blend research, problem definition, interaction design, and prototyping skills.

We are looking for someone who is really good at defining a business problem and at coming up with a technically sound solution. Someone who has a real interest in what drives customers and how they use technology to solve their problems.

We will provide you with the opportunity to work on interesting problems. Ultimately, people will spend thousands of hours with what you have designed. So you are eager to do some of your best work at Mono.


  • 2+ years of experience as a designer
  • You have experience designing digital products, not just websites
  • Skilled with modern design tools (at Mono we use Figma & Sketch)
  • Experience with conducting research activities such as user research, user interviews or usability testing,
  • Experience with both conceptual design and high-fidelity output
  • You speak Dutch and English, basic French skills welcome
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study (Interaction Design, CMD, Devine, HCI) or equivalent practical experience

Job description

You are responsible for seeing a design through from start to finish. From early drafty sketches that solve the problem to that final high-fidelity prototype that sells the solution. You can handle talking with the customer directly and are comfortable asking for feedback from your colleagues proactively. Your work environment will be a liberal one. We value trust over control.

You will work with both desktop and mobile app contexts. Web applications are a big part of the work. You understand how the web works and understand the technical implications of your decisions. You have a solid knowledge of design tools and processes, so you feel comfortable enough to focus on solving the design problem. You will be a driving force in a project and you will work with a team of other designers to get the job done.

About us

Mono works on digital products and services. We mostly design applications for iOS, Android and the web. View our project portfolio.


You live within reasonable travel distance to Ghent or Antwerp (less than 100km). We expect you to work at the office one day per week. Other days you can work from home, at the office, or on a location of your choosing. This might change based on your seniority level.

Benefits of working at Mono

Work on impactful projects

We’re picky when it comes to what we work on. Instead of working on a banner or landing page that won’t exist in one month, we’re focused on mission critical digital products.

Help improve the design of the most widely used web-based healthcare software, work on a brand new iOS app for real estate brokers, or breathe new life into aging software.

It’s a package you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Opportunity to learn

When it comes to this job, you’ll make mistakes. We’ve sure made many over the years. What’s more important is that you know we’ll have your back all the way, and there will be ample opportunity to learn.

  • In-house knowledge sharing sessions
  • External speakers
  • €1000 conference budget/year

Remote, but social

We offer a balance between working from where you want and working in a really nice office. Work from the focus from your own home or surround yourself with people. Apart from the weekly team day, it’s up to you.

We regularly have lunch together, and it’s on us! Currently our weekly team day is at our co-working office in Ghent.

The right hardware

We will provide you with excellent hardware to get your job done, from well-specced MacBook Pros to 4K monitors to low-performance testing devices. Because you need those as well.

Software allowance

Raise your hand if you hate asking your manager to buy a €10 tool that will help you get your work done. At Mono, use the prepaid credit card to buy new shiny things to experiment with. After all, it’s part of your job to stay up to date.

Inclusion & diversity

If we want to design products for the world around us, then we need to design those products with a group of people that reflect the world around us. It is not only about race, gender or religious choice. It is about different points of view.

We believe we’ll be better off for it. This means that we make an explicit effort to look for people with diverse backgrounds, but a common interest in design to join our team. And we want to specifically encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply for a job.

How to apply

Please contact us with a written introduction in your initial e-mail with your resume in attachment.

We require a PDF portfolio or a link to a portfolio website.

You can reach us at jobs@mono.company.

Apply now