👉 Figma workshop: 30 Jan 2020 (Antwerp)

Design workshop

In a a design workshop we bring relevant stakeholders together to brainstorm about a digital product or service, to end up with answers to the following questions.

  • What is the product’s scope? What is the product vision and strategy?
  • What are the current features? Where do we want to go? How can we avoid complexity?
  • What is the technical strategy? What is a realistic path forward for the product?

We prepare for a product workshop by taking a close look at the existing product or a concept briefing. We then sit together with you and relevant stakeholders to explore ideas.

The deliverable is a report with recommendations. This report can then form the basis of a design RFP or can lead to a full design project with us.

A product workshop is a lightweight, budget friendly way to get to know each other before embarking on a bigger project. But it can also be a way to get a second opinion on the strategy of a digital service or product.

Would you like to know more? Feel free to get in touch via e-mail at hello@mono.company or call +32 9 298 11 99.