Mono Job Matching

Welcome to Mono's job matching tool. This form is meant to give you an idea whether your skills match with Mono's needs.

At Mono, we are looking for interaction designers that can work in the cross-section between research, design and development.

Most of the questions in this form are yes/no questions, which means there is not a lot of room for nuance. We don't expect a single person to “check all the boxes”. Through a combination of teamwork we will get the job to design the best apps done.

We see this form as just an information point to start a conversation, not as a definite thing. Please answer truthfully, and if you have any feedback on this form itself, please e-mail us.

You might have found this link via one of our jobs pages, or it might have been sent to you after applying. Entering this form is separate from actually submitting an application. Do you feel like you match with what Mono needs? Apply to the jobs using the instructions on the job detail pages!

Basic information

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Relevant courses include: graphic design, multimedia design, information and communication technology, multimedia and communication technology, design + dev combinations like Devine

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Visual design/marketing/brand

UI Design

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Design Research

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Product management

Project management

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Passion can compensate for knowledge.